Helipad Modular Fire System

RON offers modular firefighting system for helipads following local and international fire protection codes. This modular firefighting system consists of pipes, nozzles, flame detectors, atmospheric tank, and control panel is an active fire suppression system that can operate automatically or manually to extinguish helipad fires.




Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS)

DIFF System is primarily used as a firefighting system for helipad / helideck. Based on the system configuration, DIFFS can be set to operate automatically or manually. On system activation; a valve operates – allowing water to flow through a water turbine foam pump, in-line foam inductor or a ratio controller, thereby discharging a correct admixture of foam/water solution (i.e. 1% or 3%) through an array of nozzles installed on the helipad / helideck, thus providing an effective spray distribution covering the entire deck surface. DIFF system is designed to meet performance criteria per applicable codes such as NFPA-418, UK-CAA-CAP437, CAP-1264, HSAC-RP161, ICAO, NORSOK etc. MARSOL has developed the system to meet or exceed the objectives set forth in applicable standards and regulations, which are tested and approved by various certification agencies. DIFF Systems are available with self-contained skids suitable for normally unmanned installations.

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